Our spicy Red room has a private entrance along with a steamy ensuite private bath. This bath boasts a custom antique dual vanity, a lusty walk-in shower with 7 shower heads and a flat-screen TV. Voluptuous red lips and soaring ceilings salute your arrival into this sultry den.

Rumors Have It…

According to the locals, Fleur De Lis Mansion was rumored to have been a brothel back in the early 1900’s. However, no records or newspaper accounts exist to prove this claim, Likewise, if 1216 Annunciation was a brothel at some point, it no doubt would have been during this period.

Situated so close to the Mississippi River, the former Saulet family home, most certainly, would have been a prime location for sailors from all around the world; making New Olreans their port of call. Additionally, it was during the years 1897 to 1917 that the city of New Orleans legalized brothels. Known as Storyville, this area was the regulated red-light district of New Orleans. Also, it was isolated to a 38-block radius in the French Quarter. Although all these “dens” as they were called,  were supposed to exist only in the Storyville District. However, there is no doubt that others existed elsewhere in the city. New Orleans, after all, had always been a den of debauchery.

The Untold Stories

Even more, If 1216 Annunciation was a brothel during these early years in, then it would have gone unlisted. The fact that the address fails to appear in the newspapers in relation to a busted-brothel could possibly mean one thing: Whoever ran the bordello maybe did so smartly—by not getting caught. The stories, whatever they may be, will have to remain locked away tight while remaining within the walls of our Mansion. Along with all the mysteries that will probably remain untold.

Our adult only gem provides a complimentary wine hour, continental breakfast, wifi and parking. All  this is included in the price of your reservation. Finally, don’t forget to check out our room enhancements and area activities! “Laissez les bons temps rouler!”