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The Fleur De Lis Mansion is New Orleans Best Adult Only Bed and Breakfast.

There are lots of travellers who still don’t get the concept of “ADULTS ONLY” and others who just think that they are travelling to a bed and breakfast which don’t accept children. Others think that an Adults Only Hotel means an exchange of couples or nudism… whatever your reasons are, we will leave you here with 5 reasons why to choose us for your next stay:

The Five JOYS of Adult ONLY B&B’s

1.  We are modern.  Are you bored of travelling to the same hotel or bed and breakfast as always, with the same curtains and furnishings as in the 70s? Our Bed and Breakfast has been transformed! The Fleur De Lis Mansion boasts a unique flair and ambiance while keeping it’s original historic charm.  We have a twist of the local flavor mixed with our cool, funky, fresh style. It’s our perfected mix of old historical New Orleans charm with all the modern amenities. Elegant uniquely  themed rooms and a beautiful courtyard are the perfect places to lounge or celebrate the spirit of The Big Easy. Have fun with it while you’re here. Come see why we’re the best Adult Only Boutique Bed and Breakfast in New Orleans

2.  We specialized in couples. Our bed and breakfast is like a home, if you are living as a couple together, everything is specialized and focused on the two of you, a better car, a bigger TV, going out for a movie and afterwards to a nice restaurant… Once children come into your world the resources change and your priority are theirs now. Our Adults Only Hotel is focused on the two of you. Our Adult Only Bed and Breakfast looks out for you, especially you, to make your stay is as relaxing as possible.

3. Relive your passion in an Adults Only.  Imagine yourself relaxing in one of our outdoor jacuzzi’s while holding hands with your partner. When is the last time you have done this?  Do you remember? In an Adults Only Bed and Breakfast you can do this all the time, in the courtyard, in your private room or on the front porch rocking in a rocking chair with a refreshing drink, … wherever you want without any interruption of children. Just imagine a romantic weekend escape! Your relationship is worth some more care than the usual day to day. Start over again and remember the romantic moments you’ve shared together and relive them as a couple at the Fleur De Lis Mansion.

4. The Adults Only exist for everyone.
There aren’t very many 5 star Adults Only B&B that offers affordable prices but here at The Mansion you will find our prices are very affordable and we offer great value. We not only provide a peaceful and relaxing environment we also provide a complimentary wine hour every evening in our dining room and complimentary continental breakfast in the morning.  There are no excuses not to be able to afford yourself a couples only get away because you can’t beat our prices! Book that mini adult vacation you have been thinking about because you are worth it! You can spice it up with our Romance Package.

5. If you have children: Why not make a mini-vaca without them? Maybe it’s not at all correct, but we are sure that there are moments when you just wish to be alone with your partner! Children are fun and a great part of our life’s, but there are moments when you just have to enjoy some time-out, only you and your partner. Children have very different exceptions of a vacation then you might have, so try it out and take some time for the two of you and book an children free mini vacation. You will see and notice the difference when no kids run around at breakfast or in the courtyard. Disconnect from all of it and you will return home with your battery charged as one new parent, you’ll see.

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