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The Fleur De Lis Mansion private vacation home in New Orleans now rents a Party Bus! You can add the bus to your reservation for an extra affordable price. Your group will love this Rv/Party Bus combo!  It is equipped with amenities that no other party bus has! This is your time to take your party to the next level! The Rv/bus is equipped with surround sound, 2 HD televisions, bathroom, mini bar, luxury seating, LED/Disco lights, smoke machine, and a fridge to keep the champagne cold!! And of course, our bus comes equipped with a Stripper Pole!! You and your friends will feel like VIP’s cruising around the streets of New Orleans in this state of the art Party Bus! Call Lauren now to book your party excursion today!!!

How do I book a private party at The Fleur De Lis Mansion?

It’s simple!

  1. Check our CALENDAR for available weekends. Private parties require 3 nights on the weekend.
  2. Call 504-220-4044 for a contract.
  3. Pay your booking deposit to secure the dates.
  4. Review our Customize Your Stay page and Private Partes page to take advantage of all the extra things we offer.
  5. Tell us what you want to add and we will help you plan!